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Wydawnictwo Kobiece
Wydawnictwo Kobiece

Our recipe for success is publishing books that we would like to read ourselves, and which we would like to give to our loved ones.
Kobiece Publishing House was established in 2008 in Białystok, in the heart of Podlasie (a region of north-east Poland). Initially, Kobiece focused broadly on women’s literature. Later, there became a need to publish non-fiction dealing with topics close to every human being: bold stories revealing the shocking backstage to the reality we know. There was also room for suspenseful crime novels, contemporary fiction and books for younger audiences. Today, the publishing house consists of four publishing brands: Wydawnictwo Kobiece, Mova, Naughty Books and Young.
The editors of „Magazyn Literacki KSIĄŻKI” (Books Literary Magazine) awarded us the title of Publisher of the Year 2021, for „dynamic development, an offer that meets the needs of readers, and building an extremely engaged reading community.
Kobiece Publishing House
Tysiąclecia Państwa Polskiego 6
15-111 Białystok, Poland
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Young has been the most successful imprint of Kobiece Publishing House since 2021.
We choose books that we love to read. We are not afraid of difficult topics. We bring our readers sensitivity, empathy and understanding, while at the same time remembering the fun and pleasure of reading. We want to be where the reader is, always supporting them- irrespective of age. We believe that, in Young books, every reader will find a piece of themselves. Charming romances, novels addressing the issues of today, and fantasy too. We have something for everyone. There are no accidental titles here: Young books are the result of hours of conversation and discussion – so that the reader gets the best literature. Young stays connected to its audience, at the tips of fingers, and always with something to offer.

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This imprint of Kobiece Publishing House was established in 2019, born out of the need to publish bold and modern non-fiction, to tackle difficult topics and reveal the backstage of reality. Mova is also the place for suspenseful crime novels, both Polish and foreign, and contemporary fiction. Why Mova? We are from Podlasie in north-east Poland, a place that we love with all our heart. The multiculturalism of the region inspires us, permeating our activity in many subtle ways. The name of the imprint was taken from the regional dialect, in which “mova” means language, and it is through language that we need to talk about the things that matter. Above all, Mova is primarily an imprint which speaks about good books, and tells stories that need to be heard, about the extraordinary heroes of everyday life- as well as publishing novels which can be talked about for hours.

Papierowe Serca
Papierowe Serca

Wydawnictwo Papierowe Serca, the imprint “Paper Hearts” (formerly Niegrzeczne Książki – “Naughty Books”) was created out of love for books about… love – from innocent and youthful to mature and arousing the senses. Here you will find touching, engaging and emotional stories about first love, forbidden romance, complicated relationships and gripping passion. Our books also feature crime, comedy and even paranormal themes. The Paper Hearts offer is varied because we aim to meet the expectations of all readers.

In the Paper Hearts catalogue you will find books in the dark romance and dark academy genres- fascinating stories in which horror mixes with passion. We publish titles for both fans of mafia romance and fans of New Adult novels, full of difficult relationships and stormy first loves. And if you are dreaming of fantastic journeys and feelings that go beyond the boundaries of reality, reach for our romance novels in which the true power of magic- and love- comes to life.

We work with many authors. We publish books by well-known and respected foreign authors (including L.J. Shen, Vi Keeland, Tijan, Whitney G.) as well as Polish authors (including Anna Langner, Ada Tulińska, Monika Magoska-Suchar), and we are also open to writing debuts.

Books published by Wydawnictwo Papierowe Serca have age markings and hearts, which we use to determine the dominant mood in them:

💗 Sweet – or emotion-focused New Adult books (16+)

❤️ Spicy – engaging stories with a hint of spice (16+/18+)

💜 Hot – dark romances with controversial scenes (18+)

Discover our diverse offer and immerse yourself in a world of emotions! If you are looking for a romance with your favourite theme, Paper Hearts will give you a book to fall in love with! Check out our titles- if you are not afraid of a storm of emotions, Paper Hearts is the perfect place for you!


Books to brighten the world of children!
Świetlik dedicates its books to children in four age groups: 0-2, 3-5, 6-8, and 9-12. It is known for its beautiful editions, charming and topical stories, selecting books with the youngest in mind as well as their caregivers. Świetlik works with esteemed authors and individuals specializing in creating beautiful illustrations to ensure that each published book stands out for its excellent quality, as well as nurturing a love for reading in children from an early age. Among Świetlik’s authors, you will find names including Justyna Bednarek, Joanna Jagiełło, and Anna Włodarkiewicz, and joining our group of illustrators, Agata Dobkowska and Silvia Pizzati. The colourful and beautiful reading journey we offer is led by a charming, cheerful insect: a firefly (świetlik in Polish), who wants the books that it carries under its wings to illuminate the world for both the young and old! The Świetlik brand belongs to Kobiece Publishing Group. In March 2023, Świetlik released wonderfully illustrated books depicting the fantastic world of nature (and more) including, “Lore of the Land. Folklore and Wisdom from the Wild Earth” by Claire Cock-Starkey, and “Nature Trail” by Benjamin Zephaniah, as well as titles for little ones, including “Bear, Come Back” by Anna Włodarkiewicz and “The Thief Who Sang Storms”, the latest book by Sophie Anderson.


The ILLUMINATIO publishing brand was established in 2008. Books published under this imprint cover topics related to esoterica, magic, spiritual development, and natural medicine. Readers will find guides that provide support on their journey of self-improvement, as well as titles that offer answers to essential questions or encourage independent exploration. Illuminatio’s catalogue includes books for individuals with experience in such fields, as well as those who are just discovering alternative self-improvement methods. The goal of this publishing brand is to present different perspectives on the world that surrounds us, and to support conscious choices in every aspect of life.